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Accelerator Overview


Launchit GreenTech is the first green technology focused accelerator in the Caribbean designed to promote the growth and development of clean technology companies across the region. As a GreenTech entrepreneur, you face new challenges every day. Whether it’s determining the sustainability of your idea, deciding how you’re going to penetrate new markets or figuring out how you’re going market your product, it seems at times you find yourself wishing you have an instruction manual for your business. It's ok we understand And we are here to help.

Within our Launchit GreenTech Accelerator selected entrepreneurs will benefit from a tailored curriculum that focuses on business modeling, prototype development, go-to-market strategy, financing and creation of industry connections that cleantech start-ups need to succeed. Startups will also receive financial support as an investment in the cost of professional services, space, prototype development and coaching from accelerator partners. The ideal company is a scalable Proof of concept to Seed startup looking to develop their business for commercialization further. Along with structured educational content focused on the​core areas of developing a sustainable green business, Our Accelerator Program affords you the unique experience of learning from and connecting with other influential entrepreneurs, cleantech angel investors and mentors by becoming a part of this unique community among other perks.

Accelerator Curriculum


The Accelerator Program is the catalyst that enables first-stage entrepreneurs to catapult their business to the next level. Read on below to see the specific learning opportunities provided by Launchit GreenTech Accelerator program.


Creating a Sustainable Scalable Business

The keys to creating a sustainable and scalable business for growth is: knowing your customers, developing a clear value proposition, and developing your strategic business goals for sustainable revenue growth.


The way a team plays as a whole determines its success.

One of the most difficult decisions for any founder of success business is selecting the right people for the right roles. Is everyone in your company aligned, pulling their weight, and contributing as they should?


Start, Run and Grow your Business

Knowing about your market isn’t enough. You also need to decide who will be your customer, how you will find new customers, what you will offer and how you will keep them as your customers. Then you will have the strategy you need to market your business. Through the accelerator program founders will learn how to develop a strategic advantage over their competitors.

Revenue Model

The only thing standing between your company and success is a cash injection

One of the most important things you can to ensure the financial health of your business is to create your revenue model. Your revenue model gives you a necessary understanding of your cash flow and needs and is your way of demonstrating to yourself and to potential investors how you plan to earn revenue and maximize your profitability. We encourage our startups to examine their income generating strategies. This measured by the amount spent on marketing, rent, wages, etc. and earning that investment back throughout the company.


Building a Culture of Accountability

One of the challenges most entrepreneurs face is building a culture of accountability. As an Accelerator participant, you will be matched with mentors both technical and specialized. Matching with mentors will ensure that you are learning and growing as an individual, both through training provided and through the interaction with your mentors. Each startup develops a framework that will help the team to keep track with your committed goals.

Connections to Experts

We know it’s more than about money- it’s about connecting with the right people

The Accelerator Program enables you to meet with industry experts who are dedicated to the success of the program and its participants. These mentors are a successful entrepreneurs and/or specialist with their associated field the business.

Business Development Training

Built for You

Through our virtual platform entrepreneurs received tailored business development program specific to their current stage needs. Peer-to-Peer Learning Once accepted to the Accelerator Program, you will be able to network with entrepreneurs within the program who can offer valuable lessons learnt and insights from their personal experience. Being able to network amongst other accelerator participants will be invaluable to you not only in program as you will be able to expand your connections both locally and regionally.

Eligibility Requirements

The ideal company is a scalable Proof of concept to Seed startup looking to develop their business for commercialization further. Start-ups focus must fit into one of five categories: Energy efficiency, sustainable agribusiness, water/waste management and resource use efficiency Only qualified applicants will be considered. Qualification does not ensure admission into the program. All applicants are subject to approval by the CCIC.

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Daveian Morrison,CEO
Integral Recyclers Testimonial
Accelerator Programme
Country: Jamaica

CCIC has been an experience that has helped our business become more investor ready than we would have been on our own, this through courses, grouping and discussion forums with other entrepreneurs as well introduction to potential investors. An overall positive experience!

Wayne Neal, Managing Director
Greening the Caribbean
Country: St. Lucia

The lessons I learned in the sales pipeline course alone helped validate that I was on the right track with my business practices. Each course - whether on team building and leadership or the sales pipeline, pinpointed strategic actions I overlooked. I was literally able to implement a couple of these immediately after I completed the course; and the outcomes were picture perfect.
One thing I liked was the range of questions and engagement asked of me about my revenue model and business development strategies. Being an entrepreneur with an innovative business startup in a sector that carries a negative stigma in the public domain is challenging while international institutions acknowledge that our services is at the core to reducing environmental damage in the region and mitigating climate change. Needless to say it was an exhilarating and refreshing experience communicating with The Accelerator Program team because of their depth of understanding.
I would recommend The Accelerator Program to Caribbean entrepreneurs who wish to test their model, develop needed skills and get useful feedback. The benefits gained are ongoing.

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Accelerator FAQ

We help to improve your business within the most relevant fields of expertise for your startup.

The accelerator program is a great chance to launch your startup by receiving individually customized expert guidance and essential support. This includes initial funding needed to develop, test and validate your start-up hypothesis; free office space; and the opportunity to work together with elite mentors and experts. In a nutshell, CCIC allows you to explore your business' potential in a supportive business environment with minimum risk.

Caribbean Climate Innovation Center
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Kingston 6, Jamaica.

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Our primary interest lies in clean technology startups that are scalable, prosperous in growth and making a global impact. As climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time, we feel clean technology companies geared towards the mitigation of climate change are ones that can benefit the most from our added value.


No! We accept startups both at an early stage and later stages because we believe that the sole focus on individual mentorship can bring value to start-ups at any stage.

You should simply fill in the application form on CCIC website. Click to apply

The application will ask you questions concerning your business model, services/products, revenue, current funding, competition, and impact on climate change. You will be asked to submit your business plan and current and past financial statements (if any). All information submitted in your application is confidential and will only be shared with members of the Selection Committee who review and evaluate submissions.

Yes. You can apply once your business is located in the Caribbean.

The Accelerator runs for 6 months. As the accelerator is on a rolling call, applicants are reviewed upon application.


We cannot guarantee the follow-up funding. By participating in the acceleration program you undertake our suggested growth scheme and guidance which results in highly increased chances to receive additional funding.

How much funding do the selected startups receive?

Accepted startups are allocated funds in tranches based upon the tier in which they are assigned.

  • Tier 1 USD 1500
  • Tier 2 USD 3500
  • Tier 3 USD 12,000

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us at or email

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