At CCIC we are here to help our startups grow into high-value global GreenTech companies;
we believe that even the best founders will increase their chances by drawing on
CCIC’s Network of expertise across from the Caribbean and beyond.

A Relationship that Lasts

The relationships Mentors build with founders are fluid and often evolve into something new. Startups have been introduced to mentors who become Investors, Investors who become customers, and customers who become operators. We know that entrepreneurship advice can be found anywhere, but the opportunity to develop a relationship with someone can provide founders with access to a level of support that money cannot buy is invaluable. That's why we've partnered mentors from across various spheres – successful entrepreneurs, technical area specialist investors, and experts – volunteering their time to help our founders to scale their startups.We are invested in our startups, therefore, we see ourselves as lifetime partners to our founders – from startup to growth, and beyond, they will always be learning. Therefore, as a Mentor, you will interact with companies at varying stages of their development.

Why is mentorship important to us?

Mentorship is the secret sauce of our Successful Startups
  • Our approach to developing our entrepreneur’s business skills is simple. We build a mini customized ecosystem for each of our startups where they are peer according to the technical and specialized need they allow for more relaxed and focused conversation for development.
  • Encouragement. Starting a business is difficult, and many business owners face challenges early in the process. Being mentored by persons who have first-hand experienced similar types of struggles helps our mentees you realize that the struggles they are going through now will prepare them to be a better business person in the future.
  • Improves the mentee’s confidence in their ability to execute the task at hand.
  • Advice on developing strengths and overcoming weaknesses
Mentorship is the secret sauce of our Successful Startups
  • Mentees are not the only people who benefit from business mentoring. Business mentors also experience benefits thanks to collaborative learning. By helping others improve their business skills, business mentors can enhance their abilities. They may be inspired with new ideas, meet new contacts and learn new business strategies from their mentees.
  • Provides an added sense of purpose and responsibility for one’s career.
  • Working with new entrepreneurs exposes mentors to fresh perspectives, ideas, and approaches.
  • Opportunity to reflect on their own goals and practices
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